Edi-Table - Why code ? Just configure.


Whats new in this version

  • 5


    It takes just 5 minits

    You can configure basic setup in just 5 minits. Isnt that awesome!

  • One JSON config file controls everything

    JSON config file controls page behaviour, look and feel. It controls if you wish to allow user to insert new row ? and if you wish to allow user to insert and edit a column.

  • HTML form input element support

    Script supports all major html elements like input, textarea, select, radio and checkboxes

  • Inbuilt form validation

    Script have inbuilt support with most famous jquery validation plugin, Just specify your rules and custom messages and there you go! You can read documentation here

  • Jquery plugins support

    You can integrate almost any jquery plugin. You can see in the demos, i have integrated jquery date picker and jquery autocomplete plugins.

  • Mouse and keyboard events

    You can use keyboard to control script actions like pressing ESC key will cancel current operation and pressing Ctr+s will save/update record. Similarly double clicking on a record will enable edit mode.

  • Have full control with enable_input_form, column_insertable, column_editable settings

    You can enable or disable whether you want to allow user to insert new column, insert/edit existing column. You can disable single/multiple columns from being inserted/edited.

  • And
    Many more other features


Built over PHP PDO.


Supports localisation

Code seperation

Code is seperated in different files so its easy to understand and make changes.

Support themes

Comes with free themes, use them or create your own.

Well commented

Well commented code makes better understanding and open door to possibilities.


View full script setup from scratch

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